How will I know… infidelity

Wrong, Hurtful, Betrayal. Organized around a secret. Emotional involvement. Sexual Ora/‘Felt Alive’. Aggression. Energy. Fantasy. Desire. Feeling important. Feeling seen. Feeling desired. Attention. You Matter. Something is missing. Majority of people who have affairs are actually people who have been faithful for decades. Why.. You want to leave the person you yourself have become. You don’t want to just meet somebody else. You want to meet another self. There is no greater other than a different version of yourself.

Men and women lie. Men lie by exaggerating. Women by denying. 

It can become the end of this, now would you like to have another, together. 

Major shakeups can lead to makeups instead of breakups. Opportunity. Experience. We can. Our choice. What is it that you do to make your partner feel special. Show up.

It was til death do us apart, now its until the love dies.

It was sex for the first time, now we stop having sex with others.

The norms are changing so fast. It’s raw pain. IT’S RAW PAIN.

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